3.9 Art Collective - Room 217

The idea that the 3.9 Art Collective is proposing for our group exhibit will be transforming our hotel space to resemble "home", and exhibit what home looks like from our perspective. The objects and art contributed to the space by the artists will be a physical demonstration on how individuals in our community go about establishing/marking/and defining the places we consider home. This project will also expand into a panel discussion that will take place during the fair.

As part of our installation/exhibit one of our members Ramekon O' Arwisters, would also like to contribute his "Crochet Jam" as part of our exhibit. Ramekon describes, "Crochet Jam" as a "Social art practice that embodies tenderness. Crochet Jam is about bringing people together to participate in crocheting large free-form rag rugs in public that is rooted in my cherished childhood memory. My grandmother let me add any color or pattern I wanted to her quilt. It didn't matter if the strip of fabric that I selected did not fit the color scheme or any particular standard quilt-making pattern, that wasn't important. Togetherness, sharing stories, and feelings while calmly quilting were important. There wasn’t any judgment, and she resisted trying to tell me which colors or patterns to add. Our quilting bees were calm, relaxing, and peaceful, just the type of atmosphere a confused little black queer boy needed when the world outside of my grandmother’s house was often negative, hostile, and unforgiving." Visitors to the fair will be able to participate in this immersive and interactive social practice piece.

About the 3.9 Art Collective: The 3.9 Art Collective is an association of African American artists, curators, and art writers who live in San Francisco. We have come together to draw attention to the city’s dwindling black population. The 3.9 Art Collective bears witness to this phenomenon and seeks to reverse it by drawing attention to the historical and ongoing presence of black artists in the city and to creative expressions in its black communities. Through multiple forms of presentation and outreach, we create and claim spaces to display our artwork; nurture young artists and develop educational programs for students; and write about and curate exhibitions meant to generate productive, cross-cultural dialogues.

For more information about 3.9 Art Collective, please visit their website.