Tarryn Teresa - Room 220

This body of work is about the weight of falling, the details in the dark, and the moments in which we lose ourselves. These ideas are all so interconnected, and through the work, I hope the viewer will be able to see how. In life we are constantly confronted with color, flash, eye candy, anything to distract us from the details...these are our escapes. Visually and conceptually, we are constantly challenged, tossed around, detached and pulled further and further from the toughest challenge of all. To sink in. To savor. To slow down.

Through my work, I encourage the viewer to savor, to sink in. To see the complexity in simplicity, and not just be an observer for the moment, but rather a recipient. We don't need color to see the details, we don't need sound to appreciate the movement, we don't need outcomes to realize the impact, we don't need scale to realize the value.

Through light, textures, and simplicity, I challenge the viewer to stay a while. To let the basics resonate like the complex. At the core of each piece, it's ultimately about the human spirit and what moves us. A subject taken on in effort to effectively express or communicate the complex nature of it, often through complex means. Through simplicity and intentional process, I express what moves me. I see this series as one piece. It's an entire installation, a synergistic experience where the dialogue is necessary. The experience is completely lost as one piece alone. The viewers experience becomes my art… My piece is dependent on the feeling you, as the recipient are left with when walking out the door.

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