Special Projects

Installations and Sculptures


t.w. five

Entrance and Front Desk


Brazilian/Swedish art duo t.w.five (Paula Pereira and Pernilla Andersson) will create a site specific installation out of their signature medium and style--hand cut adhesive-backed vinyl. Taking over the sidewalk entrances from Lombard and Union street directions, fairgoers will be walking on art as they walk into the fair.


Matt Gil


Large Scale Sculptures

Gil's large scale abstract sculptures will placed around the lawn in the courtyard at the Hotel Del Sol. His smaller scale works can also be found in his Room 318



Pool Area


The colaborative duo Hybycozo (Yelena Filipchuk and Serge Beaulieu) will be exhibiting Marvin, a 6’ tall piece was made from 144 stainless steel mirror sheets arranged in a hyper-truncated cubeoctahedron. The core has a 2-way mirror and LED lighting which illuminates it at night.


Peter Dreyfuss

North Side of Pool near Cabana Rooms

Metal Sculptures

Dreyfuss will exhibit a selection of medium sized cut metal sculptures along the walkway on the north side of the pool near his Room 102, where the public can see some more of his smaller scale works.




Clint Imboden

Lawn Area and Exit Ramp

Bike Rim Sculpture and Spheres

Located in lawn area hanging between two palm trees and along the courtyard exit ramp. See more of his unique mixed media artwork in Room 205.




Performances and Social Practices


All Weekend, Lawn Area

Hunter Franks

Fear Doctor

The clear lack of connection and empathy between people of differing socio-economic levels is driven by a failure of available platforms to share our introspections, our stories, our fears. The Fear Doctor booth offers a space to open up to a stranger, as passersby are invited to share a fear and receive a free tailored typewritten philosophical prescription from a certified Fear Doctor.


Friday Noon, Pool Area--presented by Embark Gallery

Carolina Magis Weinberg

The Air Within

This project consists of a materialized relocation of air: from inside the artist's lungs into the multiple soft plastic earths, themselves contained in a swimming pool full of water. Air, earth, water, all holding up, all transferring from body to body. This will be an evolving installation, where 76 globes will be slowly inflated and thrown into the pool. The performance will begin at 12pm on Friday, April 28th and will finish when the transferal of air into all the globes is complete. 


Courtyard, Friday and Sunday afternoon,  presented by Embark Gallery

Tamara Suarez Porras

Seven of Swords (Reversed)

Seven of Swords, Reversed is a collaborative performance with Tamara Suarez Porras. Participants experience a one-on-one tarot reading with the artist, an exchange that develops intimacy and empathy between them both. The reading concludes with a photographic portrait, photographed by the artist, another exchange and documentation of the shared experience.

 Participants are invited to sign up for individual time slots each 20 minute. 


Friday Evening, Pool Area

Tra Bouscaren

Video Projections

Incorporating found materials and monumental Styrofoam sculpture Bouscaren programs interactive video-mapped environments which envelop material substrates into a video bath built out of live surveillance feeds taken from within the space of exhibition.  Orphaned objects form the base of his fundamentally speculative practice from which he renders material artifacts of toxicity and illness as forms of abstract, video-soaked spectacle. 


Friday Evening, Courtyard

Guta Galli


An interactive performance that explores the power, vulnerability and general ambiguities surrounding the idea of human connection. This durational piece will involve the active participation of viewers as performers, who will be involved in several situations that will play with intimacy, physical and emotional boundaries, tension, discomfort and affection.


Saturday, Courtyard

Jenifer Yeuroukis

are we there yet? ‘cause i’m a woman.

A live 8 hour performance work exploring female identified bodies as objects that still work and are worked to be everything, all of the time, to everyone.





Saturday Evening, Pool Area, presented by RSF Projects

Paula Morales and Hadar Kleiman


Projections play across the water’s surface and glint across sculptural façades, the faux environment beckons viewers into a walk-in oasis diorama. Experiential at its core, the work suggests you stay a while, lounge around, bask in the sensorial, and relax into a new way of seeing art.



Sunday Noon, Courtyard

Ramekon O’Arwisters

Crochet Jam

Ramekon O’Arwisters is a San Francisco-based social-practice artist who creates collaborative, community-based art projects infused with folk-art traditions. During his Crochet Jams, participants become physically connected with one another through the processes of crocheting free-form, organic-shaped soft sculpture from strips of clothing. No attempt is made to dictate the creativity process and there is no focus on a finished product. All materials and basic lessons in crochet techniques will be provided. No prior knowledge is necessary. This free event is from noon to 3pm.


Sunday Afternoon, Courtyard, presented by the Asian American Women Artists Association

Susan Almazol

The Warrior

A performance that pays homage to a Bataan Death March survivor as he is dying. Few know about the forced 65-mile march during World War II of Filipino and American soldiers by the Japanese where some 5,00o to 12,000 soldiers died. The performance includes poetry, live Taiko drumming and three multi-generational women artists, and provokes questions about Asian and American history and what inspires the will to live.