Shane Gidcumb - Room 326

City Clouds was inspired during a visit back to San Francisco, where I lived for many years. Upon returning to the city, I noticed that the clouds of the conventional sense were no longer clustered on the horizon. They'd been replaced by these amazing, geometric shapes. The CITY CLOUDS. Just as information is stored in a techno-logic cloud system, each of the exterior rectangles or squares represent cubicles within an office building, serving as workplaces for individuals.

Inspiration for Conceptual Portraits: The goal is to take the viewer back to the dreamlike state of childhood by playing with familiar images in order to entice the question: What is real? At times, as an artist, I interfere with the way the viewer normally sees things, provoking feelings that would otherwise be reserved for the farthest niches of our souls. Often the sight of familiar things viewed as in the dreamlike state of a child makes us question what is real about the photograph, as opposed to what is imagined?

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