Rodney Ewing - Room 203

I will be presenting three of my recent bodies of work. Each series represents my interest in reconstructive history, and the desire to create a dialogue that informs, questions, and challenges our knowledge of divisive issues such as race, religion and war.

The first body of work, "Rituals of Water" explores the allegory of water through the lens of the African American Diaspora. The paintings created with ink, water, and salt emphasize the act of being simultaneously being composed and moved by the element. The work is a chronicle of not only the displacement of the body, but of the spirit as well.

The second body of work, “Fact& Fiction” employs fiction-based literature to create a more nuanced vision of actual individuals and their lives. For example combining an image of a child soldier with the text from “Lord of the Flies” to parallel the plight of a children forced into severe actions reserved for adults.

The third body of work, "For Safekeeping" illustrates the life and untimely death of George Stinney Jr., and the loss of innocence to the in town of Alcolu, South Carolina. Each of the nine panels reflects the emotions of anger, vengeance and desperation that surrounded his unjust conviction for the death of two white children.

With my work I am creating an intersection where body and place, memory and fact are merged to re-examine human interactions and cultural conditions to create a narrative that requires us to be present and profound.

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