Rick Oginz - Room 321

I have been making sculpture and drawings for over 5 decades. Inspired by science, technology, and my immediate surroundings I explore the major events and innovations that are unique to our lifetime. My work employs pop iconography and the commonplace object to examine modern and timeless modalities of transportation, communication, and identity. The work is concerned with the play between formal representation of object and environment, and the imagined space.

I strive to articulate place in unexpected ways, and give life to the inanimate. Manipulation of scale is central to the work; I juxtapose the minute with the infinite. There is an inherent sense of humor in the work, for example: a flat screen TV fabricated from wood that depicts San Francisco’s skyline with a cluster of drones overhead, or a container ship sinking in the corner of the studio. I consider the interplay of interior and exterior as a reference to the subjective and the objective. Interior views characterize my drawings but do not comprise the entirety of the work. Many drawings are emblematic, in that a single iconic image such as a hand holding a cell phone is depicted. The purpose of this representation is to define objects that are significant to our nature and progress as a species. Within the work there is a strong trend towards describing my immediate surroundings.

This current body of work that I am producing addresses my new home in the Bay Area and specific technologies that are enabling us to engage on an increasingly global level and inhabit multiple spaces, and economies simultaneously. The Bay Area is experiencing significant economic and technological transition that is altering our landscape and the material culture of the region. As result the physicality of the Bay Area is reflecting larger global shifts. In my work I seek to both make sense of and make fun of these changes that demand a vigilant examination. This new found inspiration has given way to a growing body of drawing and multi–media wall pieces that respond to and resonate with my recently established relationship to this community.

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