Mitra Fabian - Room 306

My current body of work consists of sculptures and works on paper made with resistors and capacitors, the candy-colored components one finds on circuit boards. The sculptures consist of perforated abstract ceramic forms into which I insert the wire ends of the resistors. In these pieces the resistors take on a colorful textural role, appearing as beads on a basket or barnacles on a rock. The works on paper use the resistors and capacitors in slightly more familiar ways, however the patterns I am making are completely illogical for circuit board configurations. Instead they reference textile, geometric, and organic patterns.

I am interested in the fact that these materials are ubiquitous in almost any electronic device and are intrinsic to the industry that thrives in Silicon Valley where I live. Interestingly, these kinds of resistors and capacitors have their limitations in an industry that seeks to get smaller, sleeker, and faster; are they on an edge of technological extinction? In using these components in a way that references ancient crafts of basketry or textiles, I want to comment upon the slowness of my process in opposition to the immediacy, technological advancement, and “progress” that these materials are thought to provide. I also seek to illustrate a certain level of waste and intentional obsolescence that resistors and capacitors can signify.

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