Michael Provart - Room 308


Do you know what will happen next? Neither do I.

I love that feeling in a work. Chance, happy-accident.
Hopefully, the sense that something might be about to happen comes across in my work?

It all starts with drawing.
That white universe of the paper or canvas…
I don’t know where I go or to go?
Generally I think, I start with the figure in mind, building marks on the surface.

Collage is my perspective, bringing disparate impulses together.
Stepping back from the work, they form a new image.
The work is figurative, landscape and still-life.
Recognizable at times, other times not.

I manage shapes, colors and the composition of things in the pictures.

To find an image is a happening.
Sometimes a long event, sometimes short.
I arrive at a moment that feels satisfying.

...When that occurs, the work is finished and I move on.

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