Margaret Timbrell - Room 219

This body of work is a series of needlepoints that were inspired by the idea of "art that matches the sofa". I quite literally needlepointed abstract art onto canvas mesh, then turned the pieces into pillows that go with the sofa. It shifts the art from the wall to the sofa. There's a fine line between decor and art and my pillows live there in between both fields.

Then there is my series of turns of phrase needlepoints. They are a collection of turns of phrases that strike my fancy. Sometimes quotes, sometimes wordplay, sometimes jokes, that are completed in various traditional styles of stitch work. They are a contrast between very traditional needlepoint work in a somewhat unexpected context.

The link between both of these bodies of work is the twisting of the medium. The abstract needlepoints twist the expectation of art being hung, to placing it directly on the sofa. The turns of phrases, twist the medium of needlepoint from craft to conceptual art.

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