Margaret Timbrell - Room 208

I first started stitching a series of needlepoints that were inspired by the idea of "art that matches the sofa". I quite literally needlepointed abstract art identical to my paintings onto canvas mesh, then turned the pieces into pillows that go with the sofa, shifting the art from the wall to the sofa.

I've begun to go deeper into the stitching process and started examining more the history of needlework. Needlework is a bit of a rabbit hole. The different patterns mean different things, follow different rules. So I set about breaking the model while experimenting within the traditional styles like Bargello. I think on a visual level they can be appreciated even without the historical context.

But this isn't my only needlework inspiration. I also enjoy working with text. Either turns of phrases that I've gleaned from pop culture or direct quotes that reference other works of art. It's an odd cross of high art, TV culture, and a traditionally female craft.

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