Liséa Lyons - Room 307

By definition, a piece of paper cut and folded into the shape of a human being. I am reminded of a book I once had, filled with lovely Russian girls and their ornate and elaborate clothing. They were magical and evocative of some far away land, yet I soon deemed them to be flat, stifled and frozen in time.

As I began contemplating ideas for this project, I was quickly confronted by my visceral fear of change, more implicitly letting someone or something go. As my thinking shifted, suddenly the possibilities were abundant. The photographic image remains, for me, a distinct tool whereby I was able to preserve moments and conjure emotion. Namely representing my own memories and those that would become the memories of my daughter and her childhood. Then it was time to let go.

As if the paper dolls were set free, I found freedom in the cut-out form. Tactile, though not always precise, there were internal and external struggles. There was a great sense of reward in confronting the unknown. The labor of love beckoned me to let go. Again.

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