Lindsay Evans Montgomery - Room 314

I manufacture an excess of private fan letters neatly written in gold glittery cursive and then hide them in a sponge castle for later. In their place I hang winter jewels arranged in a grid. Neon sugar lines and flat pastel shapes make up the paparazzi propagandaI I will eventually use to barter with. The pages of Superfan will soon be touched by famous hands and the people that work for the popular young women; which makes them more special, gifting them with an afterlife beyond this room. Anything celebrities touch now become something more to worship and I need to focus on that.

I meditate on my ruby fandom toward notoriously wealthy girls and my compulsive thoughts about someone I thought was my soulmate. I examine what the difference is between staged encounters and authentic unstaged encounters and in the end desire them both equally. My active pursuit of meeting Paris, Kim and Lindsay increases my control and shifts the asymmetrical power in my fan-celebrity relationships.

In order to instigate and develop reciprocal relationships with the starlets, I create a package of private rituals and pieces of moon to send to each one. I value the idea of gifting a formal talent to the stars I obsess over. I send them each an opal planet and they choose to keep it and post it on social media or sign it and become the new author so that it becomes a collaboration. Everything is about the trophies and proof of my time spent with the elite. I covet the constant shifting between the jewels being all about me, and then them and then me.

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