Kimberly Rowe - Room 226

My focus is on color, rhythm, and the paint itself. I work responsively, never knowing what my paintings will look like when I begin. I want my paintings to stay alive, so I try to stop short of total resolution. I am not necessarily interested in making beautiful paintings; instead, I want them to offer opportunities for a deeper sense of being: joy, sorrow, peace, wonder, whatever. I like my work to be a little rugged and raw, to be quirky and have a sense of humor, to be awkward and challenging, to show my physicality in its making.

This body of work that I am presenting here is representative of paintings made in the last year. Sometimes I make paintings that are a bit more structured and other times they can be looser and more painterly. Still they remain related and cohesive. The scale of my work can vary. I am equally confident moving back and forth from small to medium to large, but love to work big.

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