Kelli Scott Kelley - Room 204

In 2007, I traveled throughout Italy to study early Renaissance image cycles. This excursion left me curious about the idea of writing my own mythological narrative as a starting point for a body of work.

I have since written "Accalia and the Swamp Monster", a surreal fairy-tale mired in the haunting landscape of Southern Louisiana, and based on my autobiography and dreams. A cycle of 60 narrative images inspired by the tale is complete. The art works are mixed-media paintings using re-purposed antique domestic linens. The aged fabrics reference traditional women’s handicrafts, and provided a means for me to make the work in an ecologically conscious way. A book, pairing the artworks with the story, and including scholarly essays by a Jungian Analyst and an Art Historian was published in 2014 by LSU Press.

As the artist and author of a heroine’s surreal journey through a haunting southern landscape, Kelli Scott Kelley reveals the mastery of her craft and the strong narrative ability of her artwork. Borrowing from Roman mythology, Jungian analogy, and the psychology of fairy-tales, Kelley presents a story of family dysfunction, atonement, and transformation. -LSU Press, 2014

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