Victoria Mara Heilweil and Pantea Karimi - Room 206

Victoria Heilweil’s photographic art practice transforms images of the mundane into the sublime. Inspired by Wabi Sabi, a philosophy and aesthetic that comes from Japanese Buddhism, she utilizes marks as individual narratives. Vestiges are intimate and revealing, unique and historical. Her series Sisyphus is an archive of the every day. Simultaneously alluring and abject, hidden gems are revealed in the mess. The series is a challenge that she gave to herself to make seductive photographs from an unlikely and visceral source. She is aesthetically inspired by modernist photographers and formal compositions, but conceptually inspired by feminist artists such as Mierle Laderman Ukeles whose work explored ideas of labor. Victoria seeks the tension between the grotesque and the beautiful, between the subject and the treatment.

Pantea Karimi’s current body of work explores the history of archaic technologies, and investigates how older scientific knowledge was communicated through both image and text. She examines medieval and early modern scientific manuscripts--Persian, Arab and European--and the longue durée (long term) exchange of knowledge across these cultures. The scientific manuscripts are filled with beautiful drawings and calligraphic texts, and include volvelles (paper wheel charts) that accommodated calculation in many diverse subjects. By revisiting scientific concepts through the lens of art, she highlights the significance of visual elements in science. Pantea’s series Punctum Caecum, which means “blind spot” in Latin, is a way to overcome her unsuccessful encounters with scientific subjects during high school. Consequently, Punctum Caecum both expands her appreciation of science and its role in the visualization of abstract concepts, and is a personal journey.

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