Emily Maddigan - Room 226

Emily Maddigan presents small and large-scale work in-arguably mighty in spirit; these figures startle with their uncanny juxtapositions of beach trash, found wood scraps and all manner of detritus. She seeks out misbegotten taxidermy via Craigslist and yard sales and revitalizes them with colored beads, sequins and pins. These creatures now bear a blinged-out armor: a result of their enchantment, and redemption.

Maddigan embraces multiple projects and various materials at once. Her studio practice involves re-appropriating, embellishing and becoming absorbed by both the minute details, and overall tone of her work. She is not concerned or intimidated by the size or duration of any project, and continues to surprise the viewer with each new turn. Each form is meticulously pinned one by one to the form. The work balances the masculine man cave with the highly feminized, the repulsive and attraction, worship and profanity, craft and fine art.

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