David Tomb - Room 318

Bird Nerd. That is me - ever since I was a kid. Loved art, too. I stomped through much poison oak looking for hawks, owls and other birds. Every morning Gothic looking vultures sunned their wings in a dead oak snag in our backyard. I drew them. Naturalist Rich Stallcup and artists Louis Fuertes and Bruno Liljefors inspired me. Studying representational work at C.S.U.LB. set a course of developing my craft. For the ensuing years, I then wove my closest friends into my art as subject matter.

In 2005, I began a sabbatical after twenty years of non-commissioned portraits. Then I circled back to my first love... birds. Bird paintings/collages resulted from my research and drawing of bird skins at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at UC Berkeley, and the AMNH in New York. Additionally, I have traveled to and researched birds in Mexico, Ecuador, the Philippines, Borneo, Indonesia and Ghana. My bird imagery is generated directly from my studies/drawings. Great care for verisimilitude and accuracy of painted birds coexist within a broader context of art. The environments and context for the birds is both real and invented, delicately described and flat, abstract and ambiguous.

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